Ebola Synthetic Information

NDSSL has produced several synthetic West Africa countries that are being released to the larger academic community for research. This page provides access to NDSSL created individualized synthetic countries currently impacted by Ebola. These data sets were created by methods developed by NDSSL members over the past 20 years, based on the best available data. As our methods and source data are updated, we will release updated versions of these countries.

We are preparing detailed documentation for the data. In the meantime, please email us if you have specific questions regarding the Ebola synthetic countries.

Sierra Leone
Data Set:

Population Synthetic Population with age, gender and home locations. This file covers the demographic information of the members of the synthetic populations, including a household reference.


Sample Population

Locations Synthetic Geolocated Locations with capacities. The information includes the location ID, activity type, capacity, population size at location and geographic coordinates.


Sample Locations

Synthetic Activities Synthetic, geolocated activities. This file gives the list of activities for each person of the population, the activity types, start time and durations as well as the locations where each activity was conducted.


Sample Activities

Contact Graph Social contact graph for a typical day. This graph is given as an edge list and may be viewed as a labeled undirected multi-graph. Each row specifies the cumulative contact duration between the two individuals for the particular activity type combination throughout the entire day.


Sample Contact Graph