As part of the "Complex Network Theory Based Approaches in the Analyses of Complex Systems and Data" session, Dr. Eubank will present a paper entitled, "Network Reliability As a Tool for Using Dynamics to Probe Network Structure."

Abstract: We apply the Moore-Shannon network reliability polynomial to infectious disease epidemiology on large social networks. Special cases of the polynomial represent the probability of cascading failures or epidemic outbreaks in complex networks. Although its exact evaluation is NP-hard, efficient, scalable Monte-Carlo estimation is practical. A physical interpretation supports analytical understanding of how local structures interact with dynamics to produce global function.

Stephen Eubank, Virginia Tech, USA, seubank@vbi.vt.edu
Yasamin Khorramzadeh, Virginia Tech, USA, yasi@vbi.vt.edu
Mina Youssef, Virginia Tech, USA, myoussef@vbi.vt.edu
Shahir Mowlaei, Virginia Tech, USA, shahir@vt.edu
Madhurima Nath, Virginia Tech, USA, nmaddy@vbi.vt.edu

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