Title: Behavior Modeling and Analytics for Urban Computing: A Synthetic Information-based Approach
Speaker: Nidhi Parikh
Time: 2:30PM

Abstract: The rapid increase in urbanization poses challenges in diverse areas such as energy, transportation, pandemic planning, and disaster response. Human activities and behaviors are at the center of such socially-coupled systems. In this talk, I will briefly describe our work on modeling human activities and behaviors for two urban science applications, epidemiology and disaster planning. Large-scale and complex agent-based simulations (e.g., disaster simulation) generate a large amount of data, making it hard to make sense of results. Hence, I will present our work on summarizing meaningful results from large-scale simulations. In order to develop effective interventions, it is important to understand which behaviors lead to positive and negative outcomes. But, it may happen that the same behavior may lead to different outcomes, depending upon the context. So, I will also present an algorithm for contextual ranking of behaviors.

Title: A fly in my (tomato) soup! Modeling invasive species spread: challenges and possibilities
Speaker: Abhijin Adiga
Time: 3:15PM

Abstract: Invasive pests of agricultural crops are a major threat to food security, health, environment, and societal well-being. In recent times,
the ever increasing levels of global interactions, coupled with climate change and altering of the ecosystem has led to an explosion in the
diversity and intensity of such invasions. What are the challenges in modeling such a phenomenon? What are the shortcomings of current models and how do we overcome them? In this talk, I will address these questions and present some of our recent work on modeling the spread of Tuta absoluta or the South American Tomato Leafminer.

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