As this will be a special tutorial session on Git, please read the Abstract with care.
Please bring laptops for hands-on exercise.

Title:          Version Control with Git
Speaker:     Daniel Chen
Git is a version control system that lets you track who made changes
to what when and has options for easily updating a shared or public
version of your code on github.com <https://github.com/>.  
we will be using the gitlab server within NDSSL instead of github during
the workshop, but the skills will carry over to any git system.

Daniel is a graduate student at GBCB in SDAL. He has been a volunteer instructor for software carpentry for two years, and hosted two official software carpentry workshops at VT. Please install Git on your laptop and bring it with you for the hands-on session. To install and setup git properly, please follow the instructions here:
http://chendaniely.github.io/2016-01-22-ndssl/  (created by Daniel for this tutorial)
He also wants to share the "Data Intensive Training Workshop" (at U.C. Davis) with you:

Webex Meeting Num. : 644 714 417

Event Contact:
Ray Ren