Title: Dynamics and Control of Asymptomatic Plasmodium falciparum Infection in Malawi

Abstract: Interventions to decrease Plasmodium falciparum prevalence in high-transmission settings in sub-Saharan Africa have been less effective than in low-transmission settings. We hypothesize the existence of a reservoir population of parasites among school-aged children, whom we have found access interventions less frequently than other age groups. This study uses longitudinal parasite-level data from an age-stratified cohort to estimate age-specific infection dynamics and predict the effect of targeting control measures directly to school-aged children using mathematical models.

Bio: Andrea Buchwald is currently a graduate student at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, working with Dr. Laura Hungerford at Department of Population Health Sciences, Virginia Tech, and Dr. Mark Wilson at Univ. of Michigan. 

Event Contact:
Srini Venkat