Time: 2:00 to 3:00 pm
Venue: Second floor conference room 2018

He will give a talk about his work on human behavior modeling and interact with you before and after the talk. All are welcome to attend.

Bio: Meghendra Singh is a researcher at Human Centric Systems Lab, Tata Research Development and Design Center, India. His research interests lie in modeling and simulation of complex adaptive systems and machine learning. Over the past three years he has worked in the domain of human behavior modeling in the context of policy, consumers and organizations. He has specifically looked at the following problems from the perspective of agent based simulations: impact of microfinance on poverty in an economy, product adoption in markets, effect of consumer routines, word of mouth networks, promotions and asymmetric price information on consumer purchase behavior. He is currently looking at the spread and establishment of norms in organizations. He has co-authored research papers presented in peer reviewed conferences. He holds a bachelor of engineering in information technology from Rajiv Gandhi Technical University, Bhopal.