Location: NDSSL Conference Room 2018, RB XV, Corporate Research Center

Speaker 1: Youngyun (Hannah) Chungbaek

Title: Can we substitute activity sequence templates from one region to another? How can we determine which region will provide the best match?

Abstract: Assignments of behavioral attributes to a synthetic population are a key component of agent-based models, often applied in areas such as epidemiology, transportation, social behavioral sciences and much more. In many occasions, we use daily activity schedule templates, created from a survey, to allow the synthetic agents to statistically represent the meaningful attributes of a real population. Ideally, it would be best to gather survey data directly from each specific region. However, for situations where it is difficult or impractical to conduct a survey for a particular region, this presentation will introduce a couple of solutions for this problem as well as the results from a short empirical study.

Speaker 2: Aditya Agashe

Title: Synthetic Information Viewer – Version 2

Abstract: Synthetic Information Viewer (SIV) is a web-based tool used to visualize a synthetic information at a desired level of aggregation or disaggregation. Version 2 of this tool is currently under development. New version will provide visualizations for countries from Global Population pipeline and regions supported by earlier versions of SIV. In this talk I will talk about features of SIV and automations we developed to add new region to SIV after Synthetic Information is available in database.