Location: NDSSL Conference Room 2018, RB XV, Corporate Research Center

Graduate Students and NDSSL Faculty conduct weekly seminars on a variety of topics related to the research being conducted in the lab.

Speaker 1: Maleq Khan

Title: Parallel Graph Algorithms: Challenges and Approaches

Abstract: In general, partitioning the data and balancing load are challenging issues in most parallel algorithms. Dealing with these issues is even more challenging for graph algorithms due to the complex dependencies among the computation paths. Emerging massive graphs pose some additional challenges. In this talk, I will discuss some of these challenges and some possible approaches to deal with them. As examples, I will use some specific problems such as generating random networks, counting triangles, subgraph enumeration, etc.

Speaker 2: Narges D

Title: Modeling within host-dynamics of HIV treatment interruption and its impact on health outcomes in the population

Abstract: The objective of this study is to predict the CD4+ T cell and HIV dynamics during both structured and unstructured treatment interruptions and recommend strategies to improve treatment adherence. Due to the adverse effects of antiretroviral therapy, HIV-positive patients, at times, may experience treatment interruptions. However, unstructured interruption may cause irreversible damage to the patient's immune system. The ability to predict the changes in HIV dynamics within-host during interruption and design interruption periods can help patients benefit from periodic treatment interruptions. We use Ordinary Differential Equations to show the dynamics of HIV over the periods of disease, treatment, and treatment interruptions. The results of this study can be used to find a scientifically valid explanation for the within host dynamics of HIV during treatment interruption and to show the impact of treatment interruption on HIV incidence in population.