Location: Room 2018, 1880 Pratt Drive, Corporate Research Center

Speaker 1: Jiangzhuo Chen

Title:EpiFast: A Fast Epidemic Simulation Tool

Abstract: EpiFast is a parallel simulation tool for studying dynamics of ILI disease epidemics in a large social contact network. It is behind many of the applications NDSSL has developed and studies NDSSL has done. In this talk, I will introduce background models about this tool, explain how to use it from different user viewpoints, and also show C++/MPI code development, which is used for EpiFast. Many NDSSL folks probably are already using EpiFast in some way. The main purpose of this talk is to attract new users, and improve the experience of current users.

Speaker 2: Shuyu Chu
Title: Vaccination or social distancing: A public health dilemma

Abstract: Epidemics such as influenza are the major cause of deaths in the US and cause a significant social and economic burden. This research explores the trade-offs between social distancing and vaccination as two possible intervention strategies. Specifically, we study whether epidemics can be effectively contained by the typical rates of vaccination, or whether a certain level of social distancing is required, especially when the vaccine is not fully effective. Our results indicate that the latter is true, and social distancing provides non-linear benefits for reducing the overall outbreak. We study different combinations of vaccination rates and self isolation rates, combined with different vaccine efficacy rates, to understand the trade-offs between the two interventions in realistic large-scale urban populations, as well as random graph models. Our results have implications for public health policies and the incentives that need to be designed for controlling epidemics.

Event Contact:
Ray Ren