Location: NDSSL Conference Room 2018, RB XV, Corporate Research Center

Graduate Students and NDSSL Faculty conduct weekly seminars on a variety of topics related to the research being conducted in the lab.

Speaker 1: Chris Kuhlman

Title: InterSim

Abstract: InterSim, a simulation code, will be discussed.

Speaker 2: Gloria Kang

Title: Modeling zoonoses - some theory and practice

Abstract: Zoonoses are naturally transmissible diseases between vertebrate animals and humans, necessitating greater understanding of the complex and dynamic relationships that link humans, animals, and the environment. In this talk, I provide a brief overview of disease ecology in the context of modeling zoonoses within animal populations. The second half of this seminar focuses on a study of bovine brucellosis in India, presenting current limitations and potential challenges within animal disease models and its implications to public health.