Location: Room 2018, 1880 Pratt Drive, Corporate Research Center
Time: 2:30 PM

Speaker 1: Anil Vullikanti

Title: Optimization Methods for Epidemic Control

Abstract: Diverse kinds of interventions, such as distribution of vaccines and social distancing, arise in the context of controlling the spread of epidemics. These are natural optimization problems with resource constraints and different kinds of objectives.  Further, there are differences between individual level and social objectives, which limit the compliance to such interventions.  We will discuss some tools from spectral graph theory, game theory and combinatorial optimization for formalizing such problems.

Speaker 2:  S M Arifuzzaman

Title: A space-efficient parallel algorithm for counting triangles in large graphs

Abstract: In this talk, I'll discuss a space-efficient parallel algorithm for counting exact number of triangles in massive networks. The algorithm divides the network into non-overlapping partitions. Our results demonstrate up to 25-fold space saving over the algorithm with overlapping partitions. This space efficiency allows the algorithm to deal with larger networks. We present a novel approach that reduces communication cost drastically leading to both space- and runtime-efficient algorithm. Our adaptation of a parallel partitioning scheme by computing a novel weight function adds further to the efficiency of the algorithm.

Event Contact:
Ray Ren