Location: NDSSL Conference Room 2018, RB XV, Corporate Research Center

Graduate Students and NDSSL Faculty conduct weekly seminars on a variety of topics related to the research being conducted in the lab.

Speaker 1: Abhijin Adiga

Title: Some Recent Results on Threshold Dynamical Systems

Abstract: I will present some results from an ongoing work. We studied the limit-cycle structure or in a loose sense the "long-term behavior" of standard block-sequential threshold systems. Our focus was on the following question: how does the structure of the underlying network influence the behavior? We came up with a sufficient condition on the graph structure which when satisfied, the system will have only fixed points as limit-cycles.

Speaker 2: Vijayasarathy Kannan

Title: A Charm++ model for EpiFast

Abstract: In this talk, we will discuss some of the preliminary efforts on the development of Charm++ based EpiFast simulation tool. We will briefly see what EpiFast is and discuss few shortcomings of the current MPI-based version. We will then discuss how the Charm++ programming framework can help address the issues. We will also go over the basic design related to this effort. I will also spend some time introducing Apache Spark - a large-scale distributed processing engine. We will briefly discuss its features to get an idea of what it promises in terms of large data processing.