Shaikh Arifuzzaman 
Assistant Professor
University of New Orleans

Shaikh’s diverse research interests made him a perfect fit for NDSSL. Now he is an assistant professor at the University of New Orleans, developing new applications for high-performance computing technology.

Great for growth. “For my PhD program in computer science, I was interested in doing research that combined several areas of expertise: big data, high-performance computing, and information mining. I found mentors who could help me grow in all of these areas when I began working as a graduate research assistant in NDSSL.”

A culture of support. “My advisors in NDSSL were always willing to help, whether I was working to develop new ideas, improve my skills, or plan my career. This same culture of support was extended to everyone in the lab, from the researchers and technical staff to my fellow students.”


Suruchi Deodhar 
Surveillance Analytics Associate
Goldman Sachs

Since working in NDSSL as a PhD student, Suruchi has launched a successful career at the financial giant Goldman Sachs. As an expert in big data, she helps turn online conversation into actionable information for business leaders across the country. 

Strength in diversity. “The best part about working at NDSSL was the diverse group of people that I could interact with on a day-to-day basis: from computer scientists, economists and statisticians to health experts and epidemiologists. These interactions constantly added to my breadth of knowledge and experience.”

A balanced approach. “The atmosphere at NDSSL was always collaborative, encouraging students and researchers to share ideas and implement them. Even with all of that activity, it was never overwhelming—faculty were willing to help students balance their hectic grad school schedules along with the demands of research work.”


maksudul alamMaksudul Aalam 
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

As a researcher at the US Department of Energy's largest laboratory, Maksudul uses computational modeling to analyze a wide range of infrastructural issues. The skills he employs to tackle these challenges, including model validation and sensitivity analysis, were all learned during his time as a graduate student working in NDSSL. 

Pioneering work. "After I finished my undergraduate thesis on network modeling, I knew I wanted to do an even deeper exploration of this topic. NDSSL is one of the pioneers in modeling networks with many diverse applications including epidemics, social networks, and biological systems."

A shared experience. “If you run into a problem in NDSSL, somebody is there to help you out. The lab held weekly presentations, so we always knew what everyone was working on. If you wanted to try out a new application of something you'd learned, you'd immediately know who had experience in that area. ”


Bryan Lewis
Research Associate Professor

As an expert in computational epidemiology, Bryan’s insights on major epidemics have been cited in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. As an NDSSL alum, he works to ensure the current generation of students has the support they need to pursue meaningful research.

Making an impact. “As soon as I started working in NDSSL, I found myself involved in projects with clear, real-world applications—with the potential to help shape public policy. Being part of research that makes such an immediate impact, that helps change things for the better, I think that’s the ultimate goal of any scientist.”  

Part of the team. “NDSSL’s team science approach was enormously beneficial to me as a student. Being part of a group that combined so many diverse skills made it easy to jump in and find a way to contribute, even when I was early in my career.”