This event was the third in a series of co-ordinated global infrastructure research programs focused on long term infrastructure and land use planning. Below is a description of the Symposium.

The International Symposium for Next Generation Infrastructure 2015, is looking at how resilient infrastructure systems can meet the needs of twice today's population with half the resources. The International Symposium for Next Generation Infrastructure is designed to support the rapidly expanding international research community seeking to understand the interactions between infrastructure, the population it serves, the environment in which it functions, technology and the economy. Infrastructure systems are the fabric of our societies, deeply embedded as they are in the spatial, social and economic structure. 

This future challenge is concerned with all types of infrastructure (such as transport, energy, water, waste, telecommunications, housing, social infrastructure, and green infrastructure) and the web of interdependencies and interconnections that collectively make up the physical, economic and social systems of cities and regions, and that in many ways dictate our lifestyles. Infrastructure reform has unleashed innovation in technologies, processes and financing arrangements, but it has also created a fragmented institutional structure characterized amongst others by new interfaces between the public and private sector, which is often blamed for the fact that infrastructure reform has not delivered on all its promises. In many parts of the world, infrastructure has also proven to be vulnerable to climate change, weather and other extremes. New thinking about how to design, manage, organize and deliver infrastructure projects is required to improve performance, drive innovation, promote collaboration, encourage sustainable lifestyles, capture lessons and deliver more successful outcomes than are currently being achieved.  ISNGI 2015 will look at these issues in keynote addresses

The first ISNGI took place in Australia in 2013.  Proceedings from that event are here.

ISNGI in 2014 took place in Vienna, Austria view the proceedings here.


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